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Alps Wire Rope Corporation is your favorite provider of General Purpose, Elevator, Specialty Crane, Oilfield, Marine and Industrial Cables. Please select one of our Product Brochures below for more information regarding each individual product. Just click the download buttons below.


Alps Poster Now Available!

A quick access tool of breaking strengths and weights for wire rope. This poster includes tables for Cables, Wire Rope, Strand and Specialty Ropes, in Metric and Imperial Diameters and also includes Stainless Steel.

A great tool for your work area!

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General Purpose Catalog

Pinnacle Wire Ropes – Access to long term performance & Service

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Elevator Hoist Ropes

Elephant Brand Elevator Wire Ropes

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Specialty Crane Rope Catalog

Pinnacle Wire Ropes – Specialty Crane Wire Rope catalog for Overhead Lifting

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Oil Field Catalog

Pinnacle Wire Ropes – Oil & Gas Product Catalog

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Marine Rigging Ropes

Pinnacle Wire Ropes – Marine Products Catalog

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Stainless Steel Rigging & Components

Petersen’s quality products – Industrial Lifting, Utilities & Offshore Applications Catalog

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