Alps Wire Rope ® was established in 1968. Its corporate headquarters are in the Chicago area suburb of St. Charles, IL, with 42,000 square feet of office and warehouse space.

Alps’ growth led to additional facilities and has continued right through the present with facilities in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and Houston, Texas.  Currently Alps maintains approximately 100,000 square feet of distribution and sales facilities throughout the country.  The cities where warehouses and sales offices are located include:

  • Chicago, IL – North Central Region
  • Harrisburg, PA – North Eastern Region
  • Houston, TX – South Central Region

Alps carries an extensive inventory of wire rope products on hand at our warehouse facilities throughout the country. This large inventory is designed to serve our customer’s needs.  Additionally, Alps has established fabrication capabilities in our Chicago location to serve the needs of the Original Equipment Manufacturers currently using our rope in their products and this capability can be utilized to support our distributor base.

Alps’ employees are dedicated to the objective of providing quality products, at reasonable prices, with excellent service, to the various industries we serve.

Alps markets a wide range of products manufactured by world class mills from throughout the world. Alps products include: general purpose ropes, rotation resistant ropes, compacted ropes, drilling ropes, GAC, SSAC, and galvanized and stainless steel strands. Our diverse inventory of wire ropes has a diameter range of .027″ through 3″ in bright finish (self-colored), galvanized, and stainless steel, in both imperial and metric diameters.

Alps also carries galvanized and stainless steel fittings, hardware, and chain to meet the needs of the various industries served.

Alps Wire Rope Corporation sells to many of the major wire rope fabricators and industrial distributors in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.  Other significant market segments served include Original Equipment Manufacturers in Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Elevator, Marine, Material Handling, and Mining.

Our products are manufactured to meet or exceed the requirements of the applicable U.S. and international standards.
Industries utilizing our products are:

  • Agricultural
  • Architectural
  • Construction
  • Commercial Marine
  • Elevator
  • Fishing
  • Garage Doors
  • Lifting & Rigging
  • Mining
  • Offshore
  • Oil, Gas, & Water Drilling
  • Port Terminals
  • Push-Pull Controls
  • Railroads
  • Safety Equipment
  • Sailing
  • Utilities

Additionally, our distribution network, located in various markets throughout the country, stock many of our products to better serve their local demands, in a timelier manner.

It is our belief that this full service support adds value to the various requirements of the many industries we serve.