Alps Wire Rope® sources many of our products from the following worldwide manufacturers:

verope® AG is a Joint Venture company between Pierre Verreet, head and founder of verope®, and Kiswire Ltd. from South Korea. By using the extraordinary expertise of verope® in the special wire rope market and the long experience of Kiswire Ltd. in efficient production, verope® is a partner you can rely on.
A global company, Kiswire manufactures the “Elephant Brand” of elevator hoist ropes and “Hyrope” brand of specialty crane wire ropes. Internationally noted for their very high quality, we are proud to offer Kiswire products.
KOSWIRE provides quality, highly polished stainless steel wire rope with a high fatigue and corrosion resistance which is essential in many applications.
With a state-of-the-art production facility and global distribution, Ropeblock is the leading supplier for the lifting and wire rope industry. Active in all major related industries, ranging from Mobile cranes to Offshore.